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Hunter Property Advisors performs Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments to provide necessary liability protection to potential property owners and lending institutions to meet due diligence requirements.

Phase I Assessments typically focus on Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) arising from historical use of a property and surrounding properties. As an integral step in the decision-making process for real estate transactions and for general environmental due diligence, a Phase I includes an extensive review of historical and environmental records, a site reconnaissance, and interviews with key individuals and government officials familiar with the subject property. A comprehensive report documents the findings and offers professional opinions of the impacts on the property from the identified environmental conditions and includes recommendations for subsequent action, if necessary.

Phase II Assessments  (Subsurface Investigations & Underground Storage Tanks) provide further investigation of the RECs uncovered during the Phase I process for the purpose of evaluating the nature and extent of soil and underground contamination as part of a site characterization study.  A Phase II assists with making informed business decisions about the property and, where applicable, provides the level of knowledge necessary to satisfy the requirements of the CERCLA LLPs. Physical sampling and laboratory analyses confirm whether no further investigation or additional investigations are required, or if remedial action is needed to restore the site to the appropriate condition for its intended use.

phase i & ii site assessments